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Driving with Budget in Singapore

Driving in Singapore is a breeze! Navigating around the island is easy (with the Budget Navigation System) as there are well-marked road signs which are all in English. One of the world's best airports, the Singapore Changi Airport offers unparalleled service and efficiency at its three Terminals. For more visit Singapore Changi Airport.

1. Some Rules & Regulations

  • Drive on the left in Singapore.
  • Seat belts are compulsory for all occupants, front and rear.
  • Children under eight years of age must be strapped in a child safety seat.
  • Headlights must be turned on between 19:00 and 07:00.
  • Mobile cellular phones must not be used while driving.
  • Third Party insurance is compulsory

2. Speed limits

3. Licence & Permits

4. Parking & Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

5. Driving in Singapore

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